Fujitsu Heat Pumps & Mini Splits

With over 40 years of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) experience and a 99.99% product performance rate, you can rest easy knowing that Fujitsu General ductless systems will keep you and your family comfortable year-round.

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Home Comfort

EcoHeat Maine is proud to install Fujitsu products. With a ride range of mini-split systems, Inverter Technology, and some of the quietest units on the market, there's a reason Fujitsu has been a fixture of the heat pump manufacturing market. Learn more about Fujitsu's heat pump and mini-split lineup below.


Offering an All-Star Lineup of Mini-Split Systems

With 66 different systems in 9 different indoor styles, Fujitsu has a huge selection of mini split systems that will "make the hottest places cool and the coolest places more comfortable." With Energy StarĀ® qualification and high SEER ratings, you'll love your Fujitsu heat pump!


Ssshhh… That’s the Sound of Saving Money.

Fujitsu heat pumps are known for their quiet function in your home or office. Say goodbye to loud duct systems or noisy mini split brands-- with operating levels as low as 21dB, your Fujitsu heat pumps will be keeping the noise down and your energy costs down too.


Environmentally Friendly in Every Way

With no gas or oil being burned and no emissions being released into the air from a furnace, your Fujitsu heat pump system is good for the environment and good for your bottom line. Additionally, all Fujitsu units feature environmentally-friendly R410A refrigerant.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How much does a Fujitsu heat pump installation cost?
  • EcoHeat Maine carefully quotes each and every job we do. We always do a site visit to the quoted location so we can best understand your heating/cooling needs, expected usage, and optimal unit placement. Your location's specific heating and cooling requirements directly impact the type of system necessary and the cost of the installation itself. With the incentives and tax credits currently available, most systems are paid back at around the seven-year mark. And with a 12-years manufacturer's warranty and a 20-year max efficiency expected life cycle, you'll soon recoup the cost of your system and enjoy comfortable, affordable heating and cooling.
  • Q: What size system do I need?
  • The size of your Fujitsu heat pump system is directly informed by your energy needs and the structure that it is servicing. Depending on the layout of the home or office and how much of your heating/cooling that you are looking to offset, we can quote a variety of system sizes and installation options that help you optimize your energy usage and get the most bang for your buck.
  • Q: What kind of financing programs are available to help with my installation?
  • There are a variety of incentives and tax credits available at both the state and federal levels to help offset the cost of your heat pump system installation, and EcoHeat Maine can help you with your applications. Click on the "View Financing Options" button below to learn more information!
  • Q: Is there a warranty on my heat pump system?
  • Fujitsu systems from EcoHeat Maine carry a 12-year parts directly from the manufacturer. This means if you encounter any operational issue related to the equipment, you'll be covered under their warranty. Additionally, we offer JB Warranties on parts and labor for 12 years on residential installs with no deductibles, including diagnostics and all travel charges. Commercial warranties are also available through custom quoting. Additionally, our dedicated service and maintenance team means that no matter when you need assistance, we'll be at the ready to make sure there's minimal interruption to your comfort.
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