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Go behind-the-scenes with an EcoHeat Maine installation and learn the process behind the quoting, installation, and recognized benefits of a heat pump system.

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The home in this case study was undergoing a multi-story renovation process, and a new heating system was in order. We'll take you step-by-step through the process so you can get a detailed look at the quoting and installation process of a multi-head mini split system.

EcoHeat Maine Home Installation Case Study:

1 Quoting

For this home, a major renovation was underway. The client had removed an old hot-water baseboard system that was there previously and wanted a more efficient, cost-effective heat source. EcoHeat Maine performed a site visit and quoted a 48,000 BTU four-head Samsung system... three units that serviced the open-concept living/dining/kitchen area and main level bedrooms, and one downstairs unit that serviced the finished basement. Careful consideration was given to make sure that the main area upstairs unit was large enough to account for the full living area, and that the single downstairs unit was sufficient to handle the naturally cooler living space and increased humidity levels.

2 Installing

Because the renovation process was approaching the winter months and the old heating system had been removed, EcoHeat Maine installed the system quickly so that the contractors could work in warmth and comfort. The EcoHeat Maine crew did a 2-day install, mounting the upstairs units first, running lines from the gutted basement, and then tying together all the system components on the single compressor mounted at the back of the home. EcoHeat Maine recommended that unit drain lines be tied into the home plumbing to fully direct all water away from the foundation of the home, which had seeping issues in the block foundation that were being addressed in the renovation. The installation was clean and the power-up and testing of the system went smoothly as expected.

3 Saving

The homeowner recognized cost savings right away. Through the months of November - January, the property electric bill averaged $250-300 a month, compared to the $150 bill + $300 oil bill that was previously in place. At the six-month mark, our client had already saved over $1,000 in energy costs from their heat pump. The system easily handled a two-day stretch of -12F temperatures, and into the summer months it has cooled and dehumidified the home effectively and efficiently. "I could not be more pleased with our heat pump system," our client says. "The EcoHeat Maine team has saved me a ton of money, and my home's ambient temperature is more comfortable and easier to manage than it's ever been."

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