Financing Options for Heat Pumps

There's never been a better time to make the switch. With various financing programs, rebates, and tax credits available, a heat pump and mini split system is easier than ever to integrate into your home or business. Let EcoHeat Maine guide you through the available options to help you save on installation costs.

Heat Pump Financing | Rebates | Tax Credits | Efficiency Maine

Save Today on Heating &
Cooling and Installation Costs

As the saying goes, the best time to switch to a heat pump system for your heating and cooling was yesterday... the next-best time is right now. With propane and oil costs rising and more rebates/credits available for green energy solutions, you can achieve rapid system payback times and save hundreds to thousands of dollars a year faster than ever. Let EcoHeat Maine help you navigate the financial assistance options so you can make your heat pump system integration easy and affordable.

Programs to Help With Your Installation:

An EnergyPlus Loan from the National Energy Improvement Fund (NEIF) is a simple interest, low-payment loan that is eligible on a variety of heating, cooling, and HVAC improvements to your home. With this loan, you can get your entire heat pump system financed from a national lender that works only with NEIF-approved contractors.

EnergyPlus Loans allow for 100% financing of your project, from $2,500 t0 $35,000, with low guaranteed fixed monthly payments. You retain complete flexibility on how much interest you pay, as you can pay off or pay ahead with no penalty.

These loans are eligible for 1 to 4-unit primary or secondary (vacation) homes – deeded properties and co-operative housing communities. They must be owner-occupied (no investment properties), and must be affixed to a permanent foundation. Commercial financing is also available on select projects.

EcoHeat Maine is a trusted, NEIF-certified contractor and installer. If you're interested in applying for an EnergyPlus Loan to finance your heat pump installation from EcoHeat Maine, click the button below to get started!

The Efficiency Maine Trust (Efficiency Maine) is the independent, quasi-state agency established to plan and implement energy efficiency programs in Maine. Home and business owners are both eligible for a variety of rebates and tax credits, including special programs for low income and moderate income Mainers. For residential systems, incentives can reach over $10,000 with a Federal Tax Credit up to $2,600, and Efficiency Maine Rebates up to $8,000.

Certain eligibility requirements must be met-- installations must take place at a building that is owner-occupied year-round, a single family home located in Maine, it must be the first heat pump installed at the residence, and may not have a natural gas utility account. Other restrictions may apply; EcoHeat Maine can help you navigate the eligibility process to make sure you qualify for as many of these programs as possible.

To learn more and get started with your rebate application for a heat pump system from EcoHeat Maine, click the button below!

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