Dakin Heat Pumps & Mini Splits

Daikin's Whole House Heat Pump products are well-built, dependable, and efficient. As one of the world's largest indoor comfort solutions companies, Daikin has nearly 100 years of history in heating and cooling. Learn more about Daikin's heat pump lineup as an option for your eco-friendly heating and cooling solution.

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Comfort That
Adapts To You

There's a reason people have been choosing Daikin products to heat and cool their homes for decades. Daikin's commitment to excellence and game-changing technology means that your heat pump system will adapt perfectly to your environment and keep you and your family comfortable around the calendar.


Innovative Systems to Keep You Comfortable

The Daikin Fit Cooling & Heating System adapts by the second and by the season to provide your home with year-round, efficient and consistent comfort. Its compact size, energy-efficient adaptive inverter technology, and quiet operation make Daikin Fit a game changer in the heat pump and mini split space.


Smart Thermostats to Make Comfort a Breeze

At the core of the Daikin Fit system, the Daikin ONE+ smart thermostat is the cloud-connected hub of a sophisticated, integrated solution for controlling temperatures and monitoring air quality. It's easier than ever to set your home temperature to a comfortable setting... anywhere, any time.


Dependable Compressors for Worry-Free Comfort

Daikin prides itself on its specialized focus to heating and cooling and extends this pride to a meticulous commitment to the design, operation, performance and reliability of all its systems and solutions, including the key components inside those systems. You can rely on Daikin's reputation for long-lasting and hardworking products is repeatedly earned and well-deserved.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How much does a Daikin heat pump installation cost?
  • EcoHeat Maine carefully quotes each and every job we do. We always do a site visit to the quoted location so we can best understand your heating/cooling needs, expected usage, and optimal unit placement. Your location's specific heating and cooling requirements directly impact the type of system necessary and the cost of the installation itself. With the incentives and tax credits currently available, most systems are paid back at around the seven-year mark. And with a 12-years manufacturer's warranty and a 20-year max efficiency expected life cycle, you'll soon recoup the cost of your system and enjoy comfortable, affordable heating and cooling.
  • Q: What size system do I need?
  • The size of your Daikin heat pump system is directly informed by your energy needs and the structure that it is servicing. Depending on the layout of the home or office and how much of your heating/cooling that you are looking to offset, we can quote a variety of system sizes and installation options that help you optimize your energy usage and get the most bang for your buck.
  • Q: What kind of financing programs are available to help with my installation?
  • There are a variety of incentives and tax credits available at both the state and federal levels to help offset the cost of your heat pump system installation, and EcoHeat Maine can help you with your applications. Click on the "View Financing Options" button below to learn more information!
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