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Meet the Team

Dennis Arsenault - Owner

It all started as a hobby when Dennis purchased a large 10' Channel Master C-band satellite TV system in 1986. In 1993 Dennis dove into the business as a part time venture. When DISH first launched their DBS service in March of 1996, Dennis was ready, and became one of the first retailers in Maine to offer DISH satellite TV. Dennis has built his business on providing great local service to all of his customers!

Now Dennis is adding Heat Pumps to his business, and is looking forward to providing the same great service is he has with satellite tv over the last 20 years.

Debbie Arsenault- Co-Owner

Debbie has not only been Dennis's partner with Arsenault's Satellite TV since 1993, she's been his wife since 1977. Debbie's job is doing all the hard work behind the scenes, making Arsenault's go. Her valuable input has made the company what it is today, very successful and respected in the local community.

Tim Adams - Installer Tech

Tim is our installer and service technician, and has been with us since the beginning of 2000. Known as Timmy, our customers really appreciate him for the quality workmanship he provides. Tim takes the time needed to explain all the functions of the equipment he installs in the homes of our customers. Tim is also the son-in-law of Dennis and Debbie.